How to distinguish between humans and bots on twitter

Have you ever thought to find out if the people that follow you on Twitter are real humans or bots? Below are some simple rules that may help detect real users from bots, inactive accounts and fake Twitter users.

1. the profile contains a name;
2. the profile contains an image;
3. the profile contains a physical address;
4. the profile contains a biography;
5. the account has at least 30 followers;
6. it has been inserted in a list by other Twitter users;
7. it has written at least 50 tweets; tweet, that is it posted a @reply or a mention;
8. the account has been geo-localized;
9. the profile contains a URL;
10. it has been included in another user’s favorites;
11. it writes tweets that have punctuation;
12. it has used a hashtag in at least one tweet;
13. it has logged into Twitter using an iPhone;
14. it has logged into Twitter using an Android device;
15. it is connected with Foursquare;
16. it is connected with Instagram;
17. it has logged into website;
18. it has written the userID of another user in at least one
19. (2*number followers) ≥ (number of friends);
20. it publishes content which does not just contain URLs;
21. at least one of its tweets has been re-tweeted by other accounts (worth 2 points);
22. it has logged into Twitter through different clients (worth 3 points).

Camisani Calzolari has wrote a detailed analysis on this here (PDF)

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