6 WhatsApp features you may not be using !

While most of us (1 billion active users as of April 2016) use WhatsApp every day for being in touch with our friends to passing time watching those funny videos in groups, we still may not use all features of WhatsApp. Let me present to you six of those lesser used features.

1. Backup your chat history for ever

Ever got into a situation where in you had to change your phone only to realize that your chat history is gone? Well there is a way to fix that. If you are on an android device, WhatsApp allows you to take backup of all your chats, images and videos on to Google Drive at the time of configuring the account or even after that. Even if you don’t have a Drive account on your device, you can still save your messages on Drive by going to settings->Chats->Chat backup. Similarly, if you are using an iPhone, you could backup your chat history on to iCloud.


2. Starred Messages

Using Starred Messages, you can save a chat or a message instantly. To access this option, hold and long press any message or group of messages and the star icon will show on the top of the chat window. Tap on it and the selected message will be starred. You can now access the starred message anytime by going to settings->starred messages. You can see all the starred messages at one place. You can also forward the starred message to others or go back to the chat thread around which the chat took place.


3. Sharing links made easy

If your smartphone runs Android Marshmallow, you can take advantage of Android Direct Share feature in WhatsApp. You can share a web page with your favorite group or contact from the share page itself. The share window shows up your recent contacts automatically on the share page. This saves a trip to WhatsApp App for sharing a link.

4. Chat in other languages

Did you know that you can now chat on WhatsApp using other Indian languages? While you can use the app in 12 Indian languages right away, you can send messages in Hindi, Urdu and Bengali. To change the language of the app go to settings->chats->app language. To change the language for sending messages go to phone settings->language and input-> keyboard and input methods and select Google Indic keyboard.

5. Quickly find your favorite group or contact

One of the biggest issues with WhatsApp is that you can be added to many groups even if you do not with to be there. And often times you may not want to leave the group because you don’t want the group members to feel you are rude or you do not like them. This increases the length of the home page unnecessarily, making it difficult for one to figure out the chat group that a user actually wants to be on. On Android, you can create a shortcut of specific chat groups as if they were a separate app in itself. Press and hold any such chat group and a select create shortcut option from the pop-up window that shows up. This will add the shortcut on the home screen and will show the profile picture of the group as the app icon. You can access the group right away. This feature can be used for individual contacts too.

6. Broadcast message to multiple users

Ever wanted to send a message to multiple users at once like “Happy New Year”? Well “broadcast” is for you. It is similar to sending an email to multiple users at once. Just tap on Broadcast Lists on the chats tab and hit new list. It will ask you the names and numbers of the receiver. Just tap on + icon and select the contact from the phone book. One thing to note is that only contacts with your number saved in their address book will receive your broadcast messages.