How to watch a video without downloading

We download a lot of videos nowadays from favorite TV shows to movies, we prefer to download and watch at our leisure. But what if you would like to watch a video without downloading it? There is a way to achieve this. Thank our beloved old friend VLC Player for enabling us to do this. What we actually do here is to stream the video instead of downloading it completely. Let’s dive in.

1. Fire up VLC media player on your PC.

2. Hit Ctrl + N . It will open the network stream

3. Assuming you have already begun the download, get the link of the video by clicking Copy Link Address as shown below. You may now pause the download.


4. Paste the URL in VLC network stream (Ctrl + V).


5. Tap play and voila!

Depending on your connection speed, the video will start playing without download, in real time. Sit back and enjoy!