How to watch YouTube videos at a higher volume

Sometimes even though our system volume is full, and YouTube video volume is also full, it’s still not enough and we may have to resort to either headphones or external speakers to get higher volume. Fortunately, we have VLC player at our rescue. It allows us to increase volume by up to 200%.

It’s a lesser known fact that VLC player can directly play a network video. Here are the steps:

1. Copy the YouTube video URL. Right click on the video and click on ‘Copy video URL’ link. It will copy the URL to your clipboard.


2. Open VLC player and select File > ‘Open Network’ menu option.


3. Paste the link in the URL textbox and click on ‘Open’ button.


4. Tada ! The youtube video starts playing in your VLC player directly.

Now you can increase the volume upto 200% and enjoy the video. No need to grab those headphones!