Angular 2

There are many front-end JavaScript frameworks to choose from today, each with its own set of trade-offs. Many people were happy with the functionality that Angular 1.x afforded them. Angular 2 improved on that functionality and made it faster, more scalable and more modern. Organizations that found value in Angular 1.x will find more value in Angular 2.


Advantages of Angular 2

In this post lets try to understand what makes Angular 2 the front-end JavaScript framework of choice and how it evolved from Angular 1.x. The first release …


What is Angular 2?

Angular 2 is the latest version of Google’s massively popular AngularJS framework for building complex applications in the browser (and beyond). Unlike …


Is it Angular 2 or AngularJS 2?

I have noticed that a number of people are still confused on the name of the framework. Some call it AngularJS 2 while others call it Angular 2. So, who is …